Molly LeCronier

Molly LeCronier brings more than 15 years of industry-agnostic marketing, public relations and social media experience to the Ward team. With Ward for more than four years, she is a passionate media relations maven and manages strategic, award-winning communications programming for clients under her purview in the energy practice. Simply, Molly loves and respects the practice of working with journalists, and has a talent to secure impactful media coverage results.

Worldcom Wednesdays: Does Your Brand Know How to Speak iGen?

posted on June 17, 2015

Brands interested in communicating with today’s young audiences face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Ward sat down with Worldcom Partner Pollack PR Marketing Group President and author of Disrupted,Stefan Pollack, to hear more about makes iGen tick and how B2C and B2B brands can engage and connect with them. Q. Who makes up the iGen demographic?  A. Generally speaking, iGen is the generation after Gen Y. There are different methodologies on determining their specific ages, but we point specifically to those…

Worldcom Wednesdays: Off Madison Ave “Shares” How to Use Trending Social Media Strategies to Engage Customers and Influencers

posted on May 27, 2015

Social media wields tremendous influence over the way people get and share information…and the implications for business are profound. Ward sat down with Off Madison Ave Vice President, Partner and Director of Social Media Carol Klimas to hear about the agency’s experience in social media communications and garner insights on the latest trends and strategies by which clients are reaching and engaging with key influencers online. Q. What ways have you seen your clients effectively interact with bloggers…

Maximize Your Speaking Opportunity

posted on May 14, 2015

A speaking opportunity can do a lot to raise awareness of your brand and drive thought leadership, but it doesn’t have to stop at the closing slide. These tactics can help your content stretch beyond the podium to increase message frequency for your company, subject matter experts and products and services. Pitch Bylined Editorial There are many high-quality publications targeting various industry sectors. Based on your company’s industry expertise, identify 3 or 4 top trade publications.  Gain your…

Lights, Camera, Action! Are You Ready for a Media Interview?

posted on May 4, 2015

An interview with a reporter can do amazing things for your brand. Knowing how to talk about your company is a good start, but being able to lead the discussion and navigate the interviewer’s questions make you a great source and spokesperson. Here, we list some media interview tips to help you gear up for your next media opportunity. 1. Research Learn who you will be speaking with, their reporting style and recent stories they have written. You…

Back to the Basics: Press Release Writing – Six Common Mistakes

posted on April 27, 2015

A press release is only as good as its content. For public relations professionals, it is imperative to understand that unintentional mistakes can damage your credibility with reporters and editors. Journalists are time-crunched and under-resourced, and must make quick decisions about allocating time to cover a story. They can’t afford to waste it reviewing poorly written news releases that do not serve a need for their audiences. Here, we list six common mistakes that are easy to avoid and…

Worldcom Wednesdays: Five Years Later – How DEVENEY Helped Louisiana Recover from the Deepwater Horizon Crisis

posted on April 22, 2015

Five years ago this month, the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico led to a gushing oil leak that threatened the economy, environment and culture of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. By July 15, 2010 the leak was capped, but the polluted perceptions continued to decimate Louisiana’s $9.4 billion tourism industry. New Orleans-based marketing firm DEVENEY developed a comprehensive crisis response and reputation management campaign within 24 hours of receiving the call…

Worldcom Wednesdays: Ward Talks Big Apple Media Trends with Coyne PR

posted on March 25, 2015

This year, Ward celebrates an exciting 25 years in the public relations and communications business and we thought, what better way to highlight our global footprint than to showcase the expertise of our Worldcom partners?  This week, we launch Worldcom Wednesdays, a new monthly series on Ward to the Wise featuring our partners in highly topical Q&A conversations pertaining to their specialized areas of expertise, best practices and emerging trends. For our inaugural post, Ward sat down with Dr….

How to Communicate Effectively in the Canadian Market

posted on January 29, 2015

Brands interested in entering the Canadian marketplace face cultural differences that demand unique communications strategies in order to be effective. Ward sat down with Worldcom partner and CASACOM President Marie-Josée Gagnonto discuss what it takes to enter the Canadian marketplace and how B2C and B2B brands can cause the results they desire by following a pragmatic set of communications guidelines. Q. Are there any business tips you have for B2B and B2C companies looking to enter the Canadian marketplace? A. Over…

Got White Papers? You’ve Got News!

posted on December 22, 2014

Don’t have news you can release, but still want to share your story with media?  Your company’s white paper inventory could be the key to more coverage and engagement. White papers produced by the oil and gas industry provide page after page of technical facts and figures…but they’re often too lengthy and rife with technical jargon to keep the attention of harried reporters. But, when repurposed in the right way, their content can provide timely, mediagenic information. Contributed…

Five Ways to Make Your Business Simply Irresistible to Media

posted on December 15, 2014

Sometimes getting media to pay attention to your story can feel mystifying.  And it’s especially frustrating when a competitor is getting coverage on the same topic you feel more qualified to address.  However, working effectively with busy reporters requires a smart, strategic approach to pique their interest.  Here are five ways to build meaningful relationships by being irresistible. 1. Start a relationship with a reporter well in advance of your story pitch.  Think about it.  Do you respond…