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Maximize Your Speaking Opportunity


A speaking opportunity can do a lot to raise awareness of your brand and drive thought leadership, but it doesn’t have to stop at the closing slide. These tactics can help your content stretch beyond the podium to increase message frequency for your company, subject matter experts and products and services.

Pitch Bylined Editorial

There are many high-quality publications targeting various industry sectors. Based on your company’s industry expertise, identify 3 or 4 top trade publications.  Gain your management’s agreement on which published topics support current business objectives, including which subject matter experts are approved authors. Proactively approach the editors of these publications to determine their current editorial content needs, and pitch contributed articles based on current trends or solutions your management agrees are beneficial to drive the business.

Repurpose Presentations

Presentations are rich sources for stories about innovative solutions, tech
nical advancements and strategic successes, once they are translated for consumption by business and trade reporters. For example, presentations can easily be transitioned into contributed editorial features and/or interview talking points. Trade media especially enjoy access to this type of content to educate their readers on new operating efficiencies or innovation, and their assessment of your company’s solution or best practice helps validate your company achievements with key audiences.

Be Social

During and following the event, ask your team to tweet and/or blog about your presentation to add credibility and extend reach to audiences not in attendance. If you author a blog, consider breaking-up your presentation into a series of blog posts on the same topic. Post your presentation to SlideShare or if you have permission, videotape your speech and edit it into 30-second, quick-to-consume video clips for YouTube.

At Ward, we’re help you find the right solutions to cause communication your management wants to see. Contact our award-winning communications team for help, and we’ll help you extend your message beyond the podium to where your audience lives.

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