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Got White Papers? You’ve Got News!

White-Paper-good-newsDon’t have news you can release, but still want to share your story with media?  Your company’s white paper inventory could be the key to more coverage and engagement. White papers produced by the oil and gas industry provide page after page of technical facts and figures…but they’re often too lengthy and rife with technical jargon to keep the attention of harried reporters. But, when repurposed in the right way, their content can provide timely, mediagenic information.

Contributed Editorial

A decade ago, most oil and gas trade publications had strong editorial staff that comprised a journalist for every beat. Fourteen years later, it’s more common to see a handful of full-time staff who welcome content from contributing authors. Review the publication’s editorial calendars, recurring columns, and features to find a natural fit for their planned content. Once an opportunity is secured, repurpose the white paper per the publication’s writer guidelines and submit by deadline.

Digital Consumption

Trade publication editors must also cater to oil and gas industry audiences looking for online interaction, 30-second video clips and other quick-to-consume digital content.  Identify multiple story angles in your white paper and offer content in visual formats. Review the data within your whitepaper…can it be turned into an infographic, slide show, or video series?

Social Media

Have a blog? Take segments of your white paper and turn them into short, informative blog posts that relate to your target audience. Use some of the information within your white paper as “teasers” on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to drive readers to the blog or full version of the whitepaper on your website.  Also leverage social sharing buttons on your white paper’s content landing page where readers need only to click to share it on their social media profiles.

Do you need help devising an effective content marketing strategy to cause communication and ensure your company’s message is being heard consistently by the people who matter most? Contact Ward. Our oil and gas public relations team will help you develop an approach to cause your intended results.

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