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Lights, Camera, Action! Are You Ready for a Media Interview?


An interview with a reporter can do amazing things for your brand. Knowing how to talk about your company is a good start, but being able to lead the discussion and navigate the interviewer’s questions make you a great source and spokesperson.

Here, we list some media interview tips to help you gear up for your next media opportunity.

1. Research

Learn who you will be speaking with, their reporting style and recent stories they have written. You will be more comfortable knowing who it is you are speaking with and what type of story to expect.

2. Prepare

Know the primary message you want to convey during your interview. Identify three points that are clear and concise. If the interview is based on a current trend, prepare supporting facts, data points and statistics that will help shape the story for the reporter and position you as a reputable source.

3. Practice

Schedule time to work with your public relations team or agency to role-play the interview. This will ensure you are ready to address obvious questions and properly insert your key messages while also learning how to a respond to unexpected questions or inquiries you do not have the authority to address.

4. Lead the Interview

Gently lead the reporter during the interview and don’t fall into an ask-and-answer routine. Answer questions in a way you want. If a reporter gets off topic, lead them back to the issue at hand and redirect using phrases like ‘I think the point to remember here is…’ or ‘That’s a good question, but I’m here to talk about…’

5. Be Confident

Media interviews can seem daunting. Not everyone is comfortable with reporters, and that’s okay. That’s why you research, prepare, and practice. Remember, you are the subject matter expert and likely know what the audience needs to hear. Answer with confidence and consideration for others.

6. Be Helpful

After the interview, make the reporter’s job easier by offering imagery or video to accompany the story. Reporters and editors are required to produce highly visual content and they will be grateful you helped them meet their deadline.

Ward has trained hundreds of spokespeople to deliver quotable messages via print, broadcast, wire and online media outlets.  Interview us today to learn how a media trainer can get your spokespeople into shape.

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