Ward to the Wise

Ready for an Oil and Gas Crisis? Put Your Plan to the Test.


In the oil and gas industry, unplanned incidents occur, despite best efforts to prevent them. Many companies spend valuable time and money developing emergency response plans and preparing for an operational crisis.  But, a well-written plan that is not practiced will be put to the test in a real event when it’s too late to correct shortcomings in the plan document.

Here, we offer quick tips to ensure your team’s readiness when the alarm sounds.

Even though it’s impossible to predict what scenario you may face, conducting crisis drills will prepare your team for an unplanned event and minimize the potential losses.  Their performance may make the difference between lives, assets and reputations saved or lost. For more than 24 years Ward has prepared oil and gas companies and public relations professionals to prepare for and navigate through reputational crises. Contact our award-winning oil and gas public relations team today to learn how we can help you.

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