Internal Communication

Remember Key Stakeholder Needs When Communicating With External Audiences

posted on July 21, 2014

At some point, you’ve no doubt been taken by surprise when you heard a highly relevant news report about your own employer, client, financial institution or other organization in which you were a stakeholder. Depending on your relationship to the company, you may have felt slighted, or worse, alarmed and self-protective — an unnecessary and preventable outcome had someone thought through the needs of all the company’s constituents. Certainly at times, legal, competitive, personnel or other strategic issues…

Ssshh… Just Between You And Me… The Secret To Employee Engagement

posted on July 14, 2014

What is the most important factor in creating employee engagement? Compensation? Recognition? Management? Communication? Those are the typical answers workshop participants and clients give to this simple question. But, while those aspects are relevant, none hold the secret to successful employee engagement. Now, think about it. Remember when you were on a team and felt fully engaged. You were so into it, your passion and energy were flowing. You bounded out of bed ready to attack the challenge….