Celebrate And Drive Your Business Goals

posted on February 9, 2015

Marking a significant anniversary for your business can be an exciting time; however, while you’re clinking champagne glasses and celebrating the past, don’t forget to drive your business goals for the future. An anniversary celebration provides an excellent opportunity to reinforce your current customer relationships, attract new prospects, differentiate your business from the competition and enhance your growth, so don’t waste the occasion on a simple party or two when you can leverage it for much more. Set…

Look Beyond The Obvious For Anniversary Recognition

posted on February 3, 2015

Your business’ success is not a singular accomplishment. Many people contributed to the achievement, and an anniversary celebration is a logical time to recognize them for their support. Thanking current employees, customers, vendors and others with whom you do business is standard, but have you considered thanking those who might not be so obvious? Recognizing such individuals will make your anniversary tributes complete and could payoff in the future as well. WHO: Former employees WHY: Your employees are…

Make anniversary news, not an announcement, Part 2

posted on January 26, 2015

Any given year, every company founded more than a year ago celebrates an anniversary, and any event so common, by definition, is not news. Generating interest from media requires creating or finding stories that are compelling and out of the ordinary. This week, we continue our own 25th Anniversary observation with the second half of our list of 25 ideas to inspire your anniversary tactics. No matter what you choose to do, make sure the story can’t be…

Make Anniversary News, Not An Announcement, Part 1

posted on January 19, 2015

A milestone anniversary provides an opportunity to recognize employees and thank customers, but if you hope to receive some external acclaim, the mere passage of time is rarely something that attracts attention from news media. However, with sound planning and creative thinking, you can use the occasion of your milestone anniversary to create news that spurs media interest. In honor of our 25th Anniversary, here is the first of our 2-part list of 25 ideas to help inspire…

Causing Communication For 25 Years

posted on January 12, 2015

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Tell Your Story… Despite the Red Tape

posted on October 23, 2014

Every company has a unique story to tell. The trick is conveying it without getting stuck in the internal red tape. These three tactics may help oil and gas public relations professionals earn credit for the good their companies do, despite cumbersome review and approval processes common in today’s oil and gas industry. Pitch Bylined Editorial Numerous high-quality industry publications cover the oil and gas industry, and they compete with each other for unique story ideas. Gain your…

Reasons Brands Fail: #7 Not Thinking Long Term

posted on April 14, 2014

You are ready to unveil your new brand. Your employees are aligned and primed to deliver on your brand promise. Sound research has helped you position your brand in the current marketplace, and you have committed financial resources to launch your brand appropriately. Surely, your brand won’t fail. Right? The seventh reason your brand could land in trouble – and the final installment in this Ward to the Wise series – is not thinking long term. Lack of…

Reasons Brands Fail: #6 Nothing Changed Internally

posted on April 7, 2014

Another reason brands fail is because even though the company said the brand was changing, it never really did. Perhaps your look or message changed. This attracted people, but then no real change took place in the company. Products and services remained the same. The customer experience didn’t improve. Customers who were expecting something new and wonderful from you became disillusioned, sought out another company to provide the product or service they needed, and your branding effort failed….

Reasons Brands Fail: #5 Insufficient Funding

posted on March 31, 2014

Like so many other priorities in business, branding requires financial investment. Underfunded branding efforts usually fail. Why? Because there isn’t enough investment to provide a sound basis to validate the viability of a brand direction, or to provide the message frequency required for the brand to penetrate customers’ minds. When the latter occurs, messages aren’t communicated to the customer well, aren’t communicated often enough or worse, aren’t communicated at all. Effective branding requires a level of investment similar…

Reasons Brands Fail: #4 Brand Not Based On Research

posted on March 24, 2014

Sometimes a brand redesign takes the company in an entirely new direction – or so it seems. While branding can differentiate your business from your competitors, if it’s not done properly, it could result in some unexpected – and undesired – effects. The problem occurs when the brand change is not based on research or is not validated as relevant and meaningful to the marketplace. In other words, the brand house is built on a foundation of sand…