Ward to the Wise

Reasons Brands Fail: #1 Failure to Launch Internally

posted on March 3, 2014

Branding is a business strategy. It is not solely a marketing function, though marketing is accountable for communicating it to the outside world. It is not simply a logo. It is not the same thing as advertising. It is a promise and an experience that you and every member of your team delivers to your customers and other key stakeholders. The snazzy look, catchphrase and great graphics draw attention and appeal to your promise, but they are not…

The Conversation Starts Here

posted on February 20, 2014

Welcome to “Ward to the Wise,” our new blog, dedicated to generously sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. In each edition, we intend to embolden you to cause communication that drives better results in every aspect of your business, the essence of the Ward brand: Each quarter in “Ward to the Wise,” we will focus on a specific topic about which clients tend to have many questions. Each series will provide counsel, insight and practical tips for…