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Strategic Special Events that Pack a Punch

Given the time and expense of strategic special events, getting the most bang for your buck is a top priority. It requires a keen focus on what you can do to make the experience stand out from routine business activities and engage your guests.  Following these tactics can make your special event not only strategic but also one that leaves a lasting impression.

The Theme is the Thing 

Just like the theme song in a film, the theme of a special event must be memorable. After all, it’s the thing that should capture the essence of the special event and convey your key messages. While it must be consistent with your corporate culture, it’s an opportunity for your creativity to shine.

Once you’ve created your theme, amplify it throughout all aspects of your event. Invitations, email alerts, collateral materials, displays, decorations, audio-visual presentations, speech copy, giveaways, etc., the list is infinite.

For an oilfield services company’s new 3-D technology launch we created a “You’ve never seen anything like it before!” theme. Event invitations were company-branded 3-D glasses with a movie-poster look-alike invite announcing the “premiere” of the new technology. For a venue we chose a restored historic movie theatre that had been the site of the last 3-D movie to play in downtown Houston!  The theatre’s marquee announced the new technology premiere, a message also featured on movie posters displayed in the cases outside the theater. Movie tickets served to entice guests to visit all of the exhibits, get the ticket hole-punched and then collected for prize drawings.  Popcorn stations were scattered throughout the venue.

By totally immersing the theme into every facet of the special event, the company created an entertaining experience that customers and prospects would remember long after the event.

Can a memorable special event help you meet your business objectives? Ward can help!  To check out our free primer, A Spotlight on Strategic Events, type “EVENT PRIMER” in the contact us text box and we’ll send your way.

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