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Strategic Events: Who to Call for Help

Looking for strategic special event counsel that’s a good fit for your company? Here are some tips to guide you through the process of selecting a firm that’s right for you.

Identify the services you need  

In addition to strategic special event planning, what other services might PR counsel provide for your special event? Do you need someone who can coordinate with your community partners? Do you need copywriting for invitation, promotional or collateral materials? Do you need assistance with media coordination and outreach? If so, seek a PR firm that offers those services.

Determine what specific knowledge or experience you need 

Many firms have expertise in multiple industries. Do you need a firm that has expertise in energy and energy-related industries? Is knowledge of and experience in the healthcare space critical to your special event? Experience and knowledge of your industry provides additional insight, contacts and content development that resonates with the target audiences.

Get recommendations 

Contact trusted sources who have experience working with PR firms and ask for referrals. If you have relationships with the media that cover your industry, ask them for recommendations.

Check PR firm websites, blogs, etc.

Websites are a great source of information. In addition to offering details on specific industry experience, they also highlight client work and provide information on staff and their backgrounds. You will get insight into the firm’s personality, the kinds of companies a firm has worked with as well as examples of work that was produced.

Search the internet for blogs, case studies, white papers, etc. Is the firm writing about the services you need, strategic special event planning, or your industry? If they are, they may be a good prospect for the PR counsel you seek.

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