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Strategic Events: Know When to Call for Help

Depending on the nature of your corporate special event, you may or may not need outside strategic and creative counsel. Many large companies have internal departments that are experienced in planning and implementing large corporate events. Routine meetings such sales conferences, training classes, departmental meetings, shareholder meetings, technical sessions, trade shows, etc., usually don’t require strategic public relations counsel. 

Special events are a different animal. The launch of a new product, introduction of a new service line, a community open house for a new regional   hospital, the celebration of a merger and other major company initiatives require comprehensive strategic planning.  Why?  Because special events involve multiple stakeholder groups and a variety of activities that must be tightly coordinated.  Additionally, special events normally call for promotion and media relations.

The Value of an Outside Perspective

While event planning firms focus on logistics, coordinate vendors, etc., public relations professionals bring critical strategic planning skills as well as industry knowledge to corporate special events. This outside perspective can provide fresh thinking and new approaches in your efforts to reach your stakeholders.

Considerations for Bringing in Outside Counsel

If you are planning an event that includes any of the following elements, it may be time to reach out for assistance.

If you are planning an event that encompasses many elements, outside strategic planning may be need to ensure that all aspects of the event are cohesive and fit together. It’s the difference between a scattered approach and one that is focused.

For large corporate or community events that involve hundreds or thousands of guests, outside strategic planning can ensure that your event will be staffed appropriately and unexpected events have been considered, analyzed and contingency plans are in place.

If the media has been invited to your event, outside PR counsel can assist in ensuring that the event appeals to news gatherers and that those reporters get interviews with company spokespersons, camera crews get the shots they need and collateral corporate materials are distributed.

Ward is ready to assist if it is time to seek outside strategic even counsel for your upcoming event. And, be sure to request our free 7 Point Checklist for Foolproof Strategic Special Events by typing “EVENT CHECKLIST” in the contact us text box and we’ll send your way.

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