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Reasons Brands Fail: #5 Insufficient Funding

number-5-insufficient-fundingLike so many other priorities in business, branding requires financial investment. Underfunded branding efforts usually fail. Why? Because there isn’t enough investment to provide a sound basis to validate the viability of a brand direction, or to provide the message frequency required for the brand to penetrate customers’ minds. When the latter occurs, messages aren’t communicated to the customer well, aren’t communicated often enough or worse, aren’t communicated at all.

Effective branding requires a level of investment similar to – and during launch, possibly greater than — what you might put into your annual marketing budget. Your brand message needs to be consistent in all media and materials and it needs to be put in front of your audience frequently, which adds cost. As much credit as customers deserve, they are mammals after all, and we mammals learn by repetition. Further, studies show that buyers’ trust for a brand increases in relationship to the frequency with which they experience the brand. Don’t starve your branding effort and expect it to succeed. It won’t.

Selling the Brand

Effective branding requires an investment of time and money. Expecting the salaries of the marketing team to suffice for a brand investment is like sending your teenager to the grocery store without any money. Neither will bring home the bacon.

Another way to think about the branding budget is to realize that making a long-term investment in your brand strategy is akin to renovating a house. You can certainly hire a remodeler and forgo the architect and interior designer, but the results typically reflect the missing expertise on the project.

To build a solid brand house, at a minimum your marketing team will most likely need funds for:

Your goal is to provide your compelling brand message with enough frequency that it will create an emotional connection in the customer’s mind. The emotional connection drives buyer purchasing. Yes, even logical business-to-business decision-makers. They cannot escape the basic function of the human brain. It is what it is. People buy things that give them something they perceive they need or want or believe can do something for them or their companies. Keep this in mind as you hone your message. It should never be about your business – an all-too-common messaging mistake; rather, it should be about the experience your product or service creates for the customer. You are selling what your brand does for the customer – not what you do for a living. The level of connection and market penetration required can only be achieved if you fund your brand campaign appropriately. So when your marketing team suggests a branding exercise, be sure that everyone understands it won’t be a small, casual, occasional or inexpensive undertaking.

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