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Make Anniversary News, Not An Announcement, Part 1

Computer keyboard -  key NewsA milestone anniversary provides an opportunity to recognize employees and thank customers, but if you hope to receive some external acclaim, the mere passage of time is rarely something that attracts attention from news media.

However, with sound planning and creative thinking, you can use the occasion of your milestone anniversary to create news that spurs media interest.

In honor of our 25th Anniversary, here is the first of our 2-part list of 25 ideas to help inspire your own tactics:

Connect people

1.  Host a workshop for your profession’s thought leaders to discuss issues or best practices. Invite reporters so they can hear the trends as well.

2.  Host a workshop for young professionals to provide them with organizational and technical skills to help them succeed. Summarize those for a trade publication.

3.  Host monthly tweet-ups to create dialogue around key issues in your industry. Make sure your trade media knows.

4.  Host a series of “Meet-and-Greets” featuring local editors and reporters. Invite 25 guests – for your 25th anniversary – who could serve as subject matter experts for future articles.

5.  Sponsor a high-profile industry event such as a conference or awards banquet.

Inform and educate

6.  Author an article for a trade publication about the most important lessons you’ve learned since being in business.

7.  Eighty percent of all start-up businesses fail. Pitch a story to your local business media to share how you beat the odds, especially if you faced adversity.

8.  Write an e-book or publish a hardback sharing your business insights or industry expertise.

9.  Sponsor some research that advances your profession. Generously share the results in a news conference on a date that has relevant news significance.

10.  Host an open house at your plant. Make a special effort to invite your fence-line neighbors and the media.

11.  Commemorate your 5th Anniversary with a five-part how-to series in a business weekly or magazine.

12.  Celebrating your 10th Anniversary? Publish 10 research findings in your field.

13.  Is safety one of your core values? Invite a reporter to participate in a drill and learn how safety practices have changed.

14.  Reach out to key bloggers writing about your industry. A well-placed blog post can be as influential as a mainstream newspaper article.

Check out Ward to the Wise next week for the second half of our list.

Does your business have a milestone coming up that you would like to commemorate? Contact Ward for help to make your milestone truly meaningful… and newsworthy.

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