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Look Beyond The Obvious For Anniversary Recognition

thank-you-recognitionYour business’ success is not a singular accomplishment. Many people contributed to the achievement, and an anniversary celebration is a logical time to recognize them for their support. Thanking current employees, customers, vendors and others with whom you do business is standard, but have you considered thanking those who might not be so obvious?

Recognizing such individuals will make your anniversary tributes complete and could payoff in the future as well.

WHO: Former employees

WHY: Your employees are powerful advocates for your company. A former employee is even more compelling. Former employees have no reason to sing your praises or introduce you to potential customers and clients, so their support and testimony carries some weight.

Taking time to thank past employees in good standing for their contributions to your company will nurture the relationships with those individuals and expand your ranks of expert advocates for your business. Additionally, those former employees may help you make connections with new prospects. You never know who knows who. And, you might find one of those young rock stars is ready to return to lead your band.

WHO: Former customers and clients

WHY: Former or inactive (as we at Ward refer to them) customers and clients also can be persuasive ambassadors for your business and should also be acknowledged as part of your anniversary. By reinforcing your relationships with them, you will be top-of-mind next time they or someone they know is in need of the services you provide.

Also consider special recognition for special clients, such as the one that took a risk on an unknown, untested company and became your very first account. Acknowledge the client who has been with you the longest or the one who has provided you with the most referrals. All of these deserve your gratitude and such recognition will be noted and appreciated by your current customers as well.

WHO: Those that forced you to grow

WHY: Sometimes the people who contribute the most to your success are those who forced you to learn and grow, whether you wanted to or not. For example, the challenging client who made you better at customer service for all your clients, the one whose needs required you to expand your services, or  a client who gave you a chance to gain experience in an industry or discipline where you had none. All of these individuals taught you something that contributed to your company’s success down the road.

Recognizing these commonly forgotten individuals for the role they played in your growth and that of your business will set you apart as someone who faces down challenges with grace.

Do you have a milestone approaching for your company? Whether an anniversary, an office relocation or a new product launch, the Ward team will help you leverage the opportunity to drive your business. Call us, and let’s talk.

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