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Giving Reporters What They REALLY Want

Source: Becky Myers and Deborah Buks

What Reporters Really WantIn today’s constantly moving, 24/7/365 news cycle, massive amounts of information are disseminated via social media, news outlets and other online sites – by everyone with a handheld device. Media outlets, in essence, are competing with their own audiences to get the news out. Reporters are not only under greater pressure to tell the news first, but are now expected to produce stories for their traditional print or broadcast outlet as well as for every other digital platform their media company has created. More work. Less time. Multiple daily deadlines. More distracted audience.

Reporters have precious little time or resources to remain competitive without a little help. They need accurate, concise, clear, and interesting information that can be quickly distributed to compete for the attention of audiences who now only spend 2 or 3 minutes on news snippets before moving on to the next.

Fortunately, every problem presents an opportunity for those willing to fill a clear need.

Here are some tips on how to give reporters what they need, and tell your story at the same time.

What reporters want and need in the current media environment

When a reporter contacts you, he or she usually needs information or an interview immediately, as they are almost always on an hourly or daily deadline now that news moves in real time. That means you don’t have the luxury of time to conduct research or bone up on your interview skills. They are looking for:

Keep these timely tips for meeting the needs of today’s harried reporters in mind as you develop your public relations strategies and build relationships with local reporters or with reporters in your niche. If you’re consistent in your delivery, provide quality story leads and move with velocity, reporters will start to know your name and be more willing to listen when you reach out to them. In fact, as Ward clients can attest, as a smart, proactive media relations program matures, you likely will find them reaching out to you whenever something comes up in your industry. Wouldn’t that be a level of achievement?

If you’d like to cause better communication with reporters who influence your key audiences, but aren’t sure how or don’t have the resources internally to work with the speed needed in this new media dynamic we live in today, contact us and let Ward show you how to get the results you seek.

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