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Causing Communication For 25 Years

25-years-of-communication-wardccIn 1990, the Cold War was ending, South Africa freed Nelson Mandela after more than 27 years in prison, NASA launched the Hubble Space Telescope, both Seinfeld and the Simpsons debuted, and San Francisco trounced Denver in the Super Bowl with a score of 55 to 10.

Closer to home that same year, Ward – then Ward Creative Communications – opened its doors and began serving clients.

How times have changed. Ward was born when a weak economy caused many companies to terminate their existing public relations agencies and downsize their communication staffs.  Of course, we saw opportunity.  We positioned our new agency in the marketplace as a client’s outsourced corporate communications department to meet the needs of over-burdened communications managers who no longer could get approval for “agencies” or new hires, despite no relief in the workload.

Now, the nation’s economy is rebounding, and the diversification of Houston’s economy has made our city an acknowledged leader in national and international business. Social media and mobile technology have transformed the way we interact and share information in the world. Management now recognizes communications as a critical, strategic business function to create, build and sustain the essential relationships for business success.

Ward also has changed with the times. We’ve grown beyond traditional public relations services. That’s why, in 2014, we completed a brand refresh to reflect our evolution into a firm with a track record for helping clients cause business results through strategic communication, internally and externally. Our brand statement says it best:


Over the next year, you will see a small addition to our logo noting our anniversary and signifying how far we’ve come. But that’s only the beginning. For any business, large or small, a 25th Anniversary signifies not only the completion of a quarter of a century in business but also a time to reflect on the road travelled and thank those who journeyed with you. Reinforcing one’s relevance and commitment, a milestone anniversary rightly includes introducing innovations that serve the evolving needs of clients in the decades ahead. And, we consider it a moral obligation and act of gratitude to give back to one’s community and industry.  We have great plans in store for all these important aspects during our year-long commemoration. We hope you will join the celebration often.

Welcome to our 25th Anniversary year.

If you have a communication challenge you’re grappling with, let our 25 years of experience and creativity work for you. Contact Ward today to learn how we can cause communication that leads to intended results for your business.

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