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Everything you achieve in business – from innovation and process improvement,
to market share gains, safety goals, financial performance and more
– occurs through conversations that lead to those results.

The staff at Ward is very in tune with today’s business owner, and that insight has proven invaluable in helping me as a marketing professional to build compelling messages and campaigns for this hard-to-reach audience. I also appreciate the team’s responsiveness to my sometimes urgent requests for counsel – I’m not one of their larger clients, yet I always feel like one. Merrisa Milliner, ABC, Marketing & Communications Director Doeren Mayhew


In this campaign, a single, breathtaking image of an extreme sport or adventure is juxtaposed with a headline that addresses the ordinary business of running a business – a dichotomous experience Doeren Mayhew prospects relate to well. While others see business as usual, the business’ leadership is likely experiencing a sense of risk as they drive the myriad aspects of the business to be incompliance with regulations, compete in a dynamic environment and produce a return for investors. Each highly respectful ad focuses on a single experience the decision-maker may be facing that would be a trigger event to seek outside counsel beyond what their current counsel is providing.