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In our 30 years as a respected, trusted Houston communications firm, we’ve tackled about every kind of assignment imaginable.

As you’d expect, we work for the major industries and organizations that call Houston and Texas home, and help those from outside the state reach the people here with whom they most need to be in relationship.

Check out a sampling of our campaigns to see the breadth of our capability and in a variety of sectors.

The Houston Apartment Association enjoys a tremendous relationship with Ward and its team of seasoned, talented professionals. As a trade association, we look to our Ward partners to help shape our organizational brand, and to influence industry perceptions on a larger scale. Their media relations expertise routinely results in positive and accurate media coverage of our members and the industry. Ward adds depth to our marketing projects and campaigns and is a highly valued extension of the association's in-house team. Ward understands our needs and consistently exceeds our expectations. Aimee Arrington, Director of Community Engagement and Media Houston Apartment Association