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In our 34 years as a respected, trusted Houston communications firm, we’ve tackled about every kind of assignment imaginable.

As you’d expect, we work for the major industries and organizations that call Houston and Texas home, and help those from outside the state reach the people here with whom they most need to be in relationship.

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Enventure Global Technology


The pioneer and innovator of solid expandable technology had an identity crisis. While they should have been perceived as the clear expert in this proven technology, top-of-mind awareness was being lost to less experienced competitors. In addition, the technology itself was often perceived as new by the uninitiated in emerging markets. Leveraging the company’s 15th Anniversary, Ward refreshed the brand with the main objective to give key audiences and employees permission to believe by showing proof the company and its technologies are proven and successful all over the world, in wells old and new and in every type of formation and water depth.