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In our 34 years as a respected, trusted Houston communications firm, we’ve tackled about every kind of assignment imaginable.

As you’d expect, we work for the major industries and organizations that call Houston and Texas home, and help those from outside the state reach the people here with whom they most need to be in relationship.

Check out a sampling of our campaigns to see the breadth of our capability and in a variety of sectors.

IEA Gas & Oil Technologies Implementing Agreement


The International Energy Agency Gas & Oil Technology Implementing Agreement (IEA GOT) needed a brochure to educate potential IEA GOT members about a unique opportunity for international collaboration. The brochure needed to be completed quickly and appeal to a varied audience of government officials, energy companies, the research and academic community and advocacy groups. Ward rapidly development a brochure that not only informed, but inspired action to join this unique global dialogue.


The client reported the brochure was very well received. As a result, Ward was retained to develop a second brochure and other collateral for IEA GOT use.